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AdSense Approval

How to use Adsense Eligibility Checker?

To use Adsense Eligibility Checker, you need to enter your website URL in the input field and click on the “Check” button. After that, you will get your website score and the reason for the score.

What is the minimum score to get Google Adsense approved?

The minimum score to get Google Adsense is 70%. If you get a score less than 70%, you need to improve your website to get Google Adsense.

How long does Google AdSense take to approve?

Approving your site for Google AdSense can take is completely dependent on the quality of your site. If your site is not eligible for Google AdSense, it will take a long time to approve your site.

Easy to use layout, highly searched, problem-solving and high-quality content are the main factors that can help you to get Google AdSense approval.