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Apple Car Reportedly Delayed until 2028, Self-Driving Level Limited


Apple Car foray into the electric car arena has been a protracted endeavor, spanning approximately a decade. Bloomberg’s recent report, however, unveils another twist in the tale, disclosing a deferment in the project’s timeline, pushing the anticipated debut to the year 2028.

Initially conceived with lofty aspirations of achieving full self-driving capability, categorized under SAE Level 5, Apple has recalibrated its ambitions. The latest intel indicates a more pragmatic approach, confining the autonomous system to what’s informally termed as “Level 2+.” Though not officially recognized, this classification implies an augmentation of SAE Level 2 functionalities, laying the groundwork for potential advancements.

Despite grappling with the intricacies of creating an iCar, a departure from the tech giant’s forte in iPhones and iPads, Apple Inc. remains resolute in its pursuit. The shift in focus from Level 5 autonomy to Level 2+ signals an adaptability to technological constraints, with an eye on future prospects. Reportedly, Apple envisions a pathway to upgradeable SAE Level 4 self-driving capabilities down the road. 2025 Chevy Silverado HD Finally Receives the Trail Boss Treatment

The saga of Apple’s endeavor into the realm of fully autonomous electric vehicles traces its roots back to 2014. A decade later, however, the absence of even a prototype underscores the complexity of translating ambition into tangible reality. If and when Apple’s electric vehicle materializes, it’s poised to deviate significantly from its initial conceptualization.

Bloomberg’s recent exposé cites insider sources familiar with the project, disclosing the postponement of the Apple car’s production until at least 2028. This deferral comes on the heels of previous projections, with Reuters initially pointing to a 2024 production kickoff, only to be followed by a Bloomberg report revising the timeline to 2026.

The evolution of the self-driving narrative adds another layer to the saga. Initially gunning for a Level 5 autonomy, Apple’s recalibration towards Level 4 stems from perceived technological barriers. In this iteration, the vehicle would achieve full autonomy exclusively on approved highways, a pivot from the earlier vision of a steering wheel and pedals-free “robotaxi.” USPS Buying Six of EV Startup Canoo Pod-Like Delivery Vans

Enter the nebulous realm of “Level 2+.” Though lacking formal recognition from SAE, this classification signifies a departure from conventional Level 2 systems, aligning more closely with contemporary vehicle productions. Drawing inspiration from Tesla, Apple aspires to craft a vehicle distinguished by sleek design, robust safety systems, and a distinctive user interface.

Despite the initial limitations, Apple’s strategy appears forward-looking. The purported plan to enable an upgrade to Level 4 autonomy post-launch underscores a commitment to evolution. Nevertheless, the immediate focus lies on the foundational task of bringing the electric vehicle into fruition before delving into the intricacies of future features and functionalities.


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