Bank of America Issue: Customers’ money missing from Bank of America| Zelle transaction


The money disappeared from many accounts at Bank of America. Many customers are very worried about it. Since morning, many customers have been tweeting on social media that their money has gone missing from their accounts.
Many customers are complaining that their transactions are made through the digital app Zelle.

Customer’s Tweets against Bank of America

Many Twitter users are complaining that we have received a negative balance message from Bank of America. And many people have tried to talk to a bank’s customer support but no one will give them any good information.
One Bank of America user tweeted that he got a message from a Bank of America showing that his account balance is negative $-2060.34. He said I want back my money as soon as possible.
“I do have not many to buy the gas for the kitchen stuck what’s wrong with the Bank of America? Every customer is angry about this situation.

Reports about this issue

Many reports are showing that bank America only delaying the process of the transaction of sale.
The spokesperson for the man stated that the “Tractions from the Zelle between 14 January-17 January is delayed due to some reason all will proceed by verifying”
But the Bank of America didn’t tweet any news about this issue.


In simple, the money of customers of Bank of America missed from their accounts and this issue is mostly with transactions that are made with the digital Zelle app. Customers are much angry about this situation many reports are showing it will solve soon but Bank of America did not tweet any update about this critical situation


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