Bluehost Review 2021: Things Nobody Will Tell You – Why Choose Bluehost?

why choose bluehost

Bluehost is among the best rated web hosting companies, which was founded in Provo, Utah. Its foundation was laid in 2003.  It has a staff of 750 people who are working 24/7. Their main objective is to satisfy everyone’s business needs.   WordPress recommends Bluehost for web hosting due to its features and plans. But what are the reasons for recommending and choosing Bluehost? So, why choose Bluehost? Answer for the same you can get from below.

The web hosting plans are economical as the starting price of the basic plan is $2.95 on monthly basis. It offers 100 email addresses while business and plus accounts offer email addresses without any limit. The Cpanel feature is available where the user/admin can do configuration and handle the websites.

Hosting plans of Bluehost: – Why Choose Bluehost

There are four types of hosting plans, which are presented by the Bluehost:

1)      1- Shared hosting: is for those who are looking for a reasonable package. It is best suited for startups.

2)      2- Dedicated hosting: is for business owners who handle their business activities and resources.

3)      3-  VPS hosting: gives two options to its users which are sharing the servers or work on own virtual operating system. So, the whole server is under your control.

4)      4- WordPress hosting: is low in price along with 3 years subscription

Every hosting plan has four packages, which you have to select according to your requirements. They are basic, pro, plus, and choice plus making Bluehost one of the best rated web hosting companies .

A new group has been introduced by Bluehost that is WordPress Pro. The rate is higher than the previous ones but delivering great performance and shows progress in the speed of the website. It has a number of features like detecting and removing viruses, SEO, and reviews of businesses. each and every activity is done for your website. Even live support is available so you can take assistance from the professionals of WordPress. It will help you to grow and see growth on your website. The user receives daily updates regarding the plugins. The most highlighted feature is uploading and streaming videos without any limit. You can migrate to Bluehost for free if you are using any other web hosting service. The best part is that if you have a WordPress website then you don’t need to care about web hosting.

If you are unfamiliar with Bluehost and WordPress, no need to worry as the latest feature has been launched named “Blue Flash Launch Support”. It is absolutely free whether consultation or any sort of assistance. All the features are visible on the dashboard. Options are displayed as well so you can post on your WordPress website. After signing up for your account, select the theme according to your requirements. If you are looking for more help, you can join the live support of WP for which you have to pay $99 per month.

Bluehost is no doubt the best of best. They have an affiliate program too.

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Features of Bluehost:


1)      Domain name email address: For starting your business, you need an authentic name and proper branding. To establish long-term relationships with customers, you need your domain name email address. Select the plan depends on your needs. The interface is user-friendly so you can log in and manage your accounts on different devices. No matter wherever you are. Work on multiple projects and use the tools.

2)      E-commerce: You can easily set up an e-store along with various shopping carts. It includes Zen, Cube, Agora and OS Commerce. WooCommerce service is the latest service which is being introduced and replacement of Shopify. It is simply installed within clicks and you can also add payment methods. Mark the bookings on the given calendar and copies of the data are being made. The starting price of the plans is $12.95 depends on the selection of your services. In the Plus package, the space for storage is unlimited so you can add a number of products in your online store.

3)      Security: if you are a buyer or seller, you need security in online transactions. The three layers are presented by Bluehost to protect your data which are: spam hammer, experts, and Apache Spam Assassin. Protect your inbox and directories with a password. You can also block the site you want and add them in blacklist sites. You can also integrate Cloudflare, which increases the speed of your website. It also has amazing features related to security making Bluehost one of the best rated web hosting companies.

4)      Policy for refunding: all the plans offered by Bluehost have money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can refund your amount within a month. Even the fees of the domain cannot be refunded.

5)    Easy to use: the cPanel of Bluehost is user-friendly so it can be managed with few clicks only. All the tasks and email addresses are easy to handle. Customization option is available of the layout from which the features are simple to access.

6)      Customer care: Bluehost has received both positive and negative reviews as well. It is providing a number of facilities but within a limited budget. You need to select the plan wisely.


For whom the Bluehost is for?

·         It is for those who are looking for those web hosting companies which have built trust and good reputation

·         It is suitable for those customers of WordPress who are willing to pay more for the accessibility of advanced features. They need assistance from the experts of the WordPress team.

·         It is appropriate for both small- and large-scale businesses. it all depends on your plans and finances.


Advantages of Bluehost – Why Choose Bluehost

 ü  Almost all the plans offer no limit storage capacity, hosting of the domain, email addresses, and bandwidth

ü  Domain name is offered for free when you purchase the package

ü  Efficient and effective cPanel interface available to customize the website and interface

ü  Exceptional security features are available

ü  Number of databases are available, which includes Ruby on Rails. Python, PHP, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, and many others.

ü  You can add various free scripts of the website like support for the blog, scripts of social networking websites, forums for messages, Drupal, Joomla, and mailing lists.

ü  The features of eCommerce can be embedded with different shopping carts and the security of SSL.

ü  It is reviewed by most of the customers that Bluehost is quick and can easily integrate with CloudFlare so you can receive better performances

ü  If your budget is high then hosting Bluehost on WordPress is the best combination.

ü  It is flexible enough as the plans are diverse. Extra features are available at every end.

 Disadvantages of Bluehost:

ü  As, many add-ons are available so you have to install and upgrade all so you can get your tasks done

ü  Mixture of positive and negative reviews

ü  Bluehost pop-ups with new features to its customers from which the customer might get annoyed if the budget is limited

ü  The plans of WordPress are expensive as compared to the features it offers. Your needs are fulfilled according to the selection of your packages.

Summary and Conclusion:

 The whole infrastructure of Bluehost is designed in a proper manner and the same is considered and counted in the best-rated web hosting companies. Its packages are reasonable but you have to pay if you need quality. Bluehost has most positive reviews than negative ones. It is the main cause of its popularity in the online business for 20 years. That’s why it is among the top web hosting companies. If you are looking for the best web hosting companies, stop now and choose Bluehost. All the plans are scalable and ready to do your tasks according to your own will. It should be recommended to everyone who is looking to host their website or for an online store. You must have a complete idea and reasons for why we should choose Bluehost. Occasionally, the sale is also going on so you must grab the offer without wasting any time.

Hope that you got the answer to the same Why Choose Bluehost?

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