Easy Entry Exit Ford – All You Need to Know


The easy entry exit ford feature lets you enter and exit the vehicle with no or less effort. You can easily get in and out of your vehicle when the driver’s door opens by slightly moving the driver’s seat. Follow these small steps to enable or disable this feature:

  • On the steering wheel, press the Up or down button(s) till the settings appear on the instrument panel, and after that, please press OK.
  • Then click the OK button after Convenience appears.
  • When Easy Entry or Exit options in easy entry exit ford appear, press the OK button.
  • Choose the On/Off options.

What is the Easy Entry Exit Ford Feature?

An easy entry exit ford‘s feature rearranges the driver seat by 2 inches (5 cm) when you turn off the ignition and the steering column by 1 inch (3 cm). Once the ignition is turned on, the driver’s seat and steering column return to their original positions. You may find that the steering column moves up and in.

Benefits of the Feature

  1. If driver’s seat position is greater than/ equal to 2.7 inches i.e. approx. 67.7 mm forward of rear stop, driver’s seat will move approximately 2.4 inches (60 mm) backward when the ignition is cycled to the OFF position. If the ignition is cycled to the RUN or ACC position, the seat will return to its previously set position.
  2. If the driver’s seat position is lesser than 22.7 millimeters i.e. approx 2.07 inches forward of rear stop, the easy entry exit feature is disabled. It is not beneficial for the driver to move the same seat for Easy Exit/ Entry in this position.

Common Problems and Solutions

Let’s discuss some of the issues and their solutions.

Sometimes easy entry exit ford system, as well as memory recall, stops working without warning. The memory button no longer functions and the menus’ options are grayed out.

Solution: Check the fuses. It happens due to blowing fuses due to a defective lumbar motor. Your dealer may replace the motor to make things work. Fuses are the first point of checking for the problem. This will work for almost all easy entry exit ford vehicles.

Turning off the car always moves the car’s seatback, but it’s a crapshoot whether the seat will return to its original position when you turn on the car. It may move halfway before stopping.

Solution: It is better to press the button once while taking your foot off the brake and clutch. Accessory power is turned on, and the seat moves. Start the car after it is done.

When the vehicle is shut off, the seat moves forward

Solution: The Ford vehicle’s driver’s front seat may move forward when the vehicle is in easy entry/exit mode when the vehicle is turned off. This issue may affect vehicles manufactured until 2019 with memory seats. There may be a problem with the driver’s front seat module(s) (DSM). Use the latest software level of Ford’s diagnostic scanning tool to replace the DSM and reprogram it.

The easy entry exit ford stops working suddenly. You CHECK the option in the system, and you can’t even uncheck it. Even if you try turning off and turning on the system, things still don’t work. The seat moves via available controls and memory settings, but the car’s seat won’t ever pull back even car shuts down.

Solution: Ensure the battery is disconnected for at least 10 minutes after performing the master reset or pulling the negative cable. You will likely have to re-pair your phone since you will lose some memory settings. It’s also possible to pull fuse 23, the driver’s power seat, and the memory module located beneath the hood, and fuse 7, the memory seat module logic-feed, located in the vehicle’s cabin fuse panel, which is a pain to reach. It may also be worth visiting a dealer to have it checked out. This will surely make the easy entry exit ford system work.

PS: It is impossible to perform a master reset of the entire vehicle with the MFT master reset. A reset of the APIM computer, also known as the MFT computer, restores the default settings of the APIM computer. To resolve the issue with the seat, one way would be to pull the negative battery cable. This is an important step for easy entry exit ford vehicles.


The seat moves back for an easy entry exit ford system whenever the ignition is turned off. The seat does not return to the driving position in about 50% of cases when the driver gets into the car and starts it.

Solution: You better need to replace the key fob, and you should lock your car with the fob to retain the car’s settings. Whenever you unlock your car with your fob, it will activate the settings unique to that fob.

Also, it seems like the system’s controls get confused, especially when someone else sits without using the fobs. Default settings are used for HVAC, seating, and audio when you first get in without unlocking your fob. The settings are generally activated if the fob is used to lock and unlock the vehicle before anyone gets in.

In the easy entry exit ford system, wheel grinding happens frequently. The vehicle makes a grinding sound when getting in and starting it.

Solution: You can do grabbing onto the steering wheel to get in and out of your vehicle. Maybe, it will not have grab handles. It will be straining the wheel as it will try to move away from you for the easy exit. You have now to retrain yourself to use the grab handles.

Easy entry exit ford entrance function sometimes teases a lot, especially when you insert the key. (Seat is always working, especially when moving back with the key removed).  Nothing helps, even if you make a matrix to test every possible exit against every possible method of locking the car. The seat will not move forward with the key inserted when you use the keypad to unlock it. Performing a master reset does not help.

Solution: Does the keypad return to its previous setting after using it? You must use the same key fob to do that. For programming on the LCD, you need to use the fob that’s in the ignition. If you have a second seat position, maybe you can have a second personal number attached to it. A second key fob might also be possible.

PS: Individual settings can be programmed for each fob. Each vehicle may have different features. Each keypad can be programmed with an unlimited number of numbers.

 What’s the Best Option?

All the issues and solutions we have discussed for easy entry exit ford are not final, i.e., maybe your direction, vehicle model, nature of the problem, and even the solution may differ from case to case. In some cases, you surely will need a dealer to check the issue, and in some of them, maybe you will fix the same yourself. Sometimes, issues are not that complex but being a new driver or fresh car owner; we get confused by the new car setup. It’s common and nothing to worry in the same. Hopefully, the solutions we have provided for easy entry exit ford will help you the most.


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