How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2021

how to start a blog and make money online
how to start a blog and make money online

Digital marketing has advanced a lot with time. The good thing is that there is no age restriction. People of all ages are making good money using technology, especially digital marketing. You can also earn a lot of money, just like other people, if you learn how to start a blog and make money online.

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Yes, the blobs of text having a blend of images do possess a superpower. It’s time to follow the given steps, learn how to create your, and monetize it.

The guide we have perfectly created to show you how to start a blog in 2021. It’s possible to have a blog up and running in just a few minutes, but we want to take things further and show you some of the important details behind starting a successful blog.

How to monetize your blog in 4 simple steps

  • Select the proper niche
  • Choose the blogging platform
  • But the domain and hosting
  • Use the given golden rules to set up and run your blogging website.

One of the most important things is that no revolutionary idea is to create your blog. Nothing is truly unique. So the key is you have to unleash the thoughts within you. Before choosing the blog niche, you have to ask yourself two big questions.

1.  Do you have a natural liking and passion for the topic?

You can write extraordinarily only when you love your niche and have a personal interest. If your place doesn’t motivate or inspire you, how can it impact the lives of others? If you can’t find the niche that matches your interest, then you should never enter the field of blogging.

So the first and foremost thing is to love the niche and stay curious about it. In this way, you won’t be getting out of ideas at any time. If you want to remain consistent and build up your audience, creating unique content is a must.

Don’t consider what others are doing. You have to focus on your blog. Keep limited to your niche, No matter what it is, like information, sport, relationship, recipes, or anything. You should know your area of expertise.

2.  Does someone else have the same interests?

The second question is that you have to ask Google about the niche you are interested in. You will find hundreds and even thousands of people who are already exploring the same niche.

It will give you a variety of ideas to make your niche a bit more interesting than others. For example, if you create your blog about travel, you should never opt for broad keywords like tourism, entertainment, etc. It would be best if you chose a specific niche. There are a lot of tools available on the internet that will help you to get keyword ideas. But the best thing is to use your creativity and brainstorm your mind. This will motivate you a lot about how to start a blog and make money online.

Here the question arises.

3. What is the best blogging platform?

Of course, you can never create your blog without the help of a web designer or web developer.

But nowadays, there are many blogging platforms, and it isn’t easy to find one. The best thing is that most of the blogging platforms do not require any technical skills, and creating a blog is now much easier as compared to the 20th century. If you are a tech guru, you can also use any programming language.

My recommendation is WordPress. It is a beautiful and famous platform, and 80% of the bloggers recommend this. Its main features include easy set-up, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

You can switch to other platforms, but remember, going for other platforms can be a bit costly.

I would like to mention here some of the WordPress features, like

  • Instant installation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Availability of thousands of themes and plugins
  • Good security features


It’s time to purchase your blog hosting. Your new hosting company is where all the files and content associated with your blog will live. When readers type your new domain name into their browser, they will be shown content, articles, and pictures that are on servers owned by your hosting company.

A good hosting company is an important part of your new blog. Your host is where your blog “lives,” where all of the important files for your blog are kept. If your host has problems, you have problems, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a host that has fantastic service and helpful customer support.

5. How is different from

If you are going to set up your blog, I want to clear your confusion. tells you how to create your blog for free, but this way is not recommended. Why? Let’s check!

  • Due to a lot of security vulnerabilities
  • Limited server resources
  • Inactivity of emails and contact form
  • Allow the usage of subdomain is the paid version of the software. I highly recommend this because, with it, you can get 100% control of your site. Now I am going to show you how to start a blog and make money online from scratch.

Register your domain name and create a blog hosting account. Click the button below to get a 65% discount with Bluehost, our favorite hosting provider for bloggers. The signup page will open in a new tab so you can continue with this tutorial.

Start with the Bluehost web hosting. It is a service that allows people to access your website online. This company will charge you from $4 to $100 depending on the package you choose. For new bloggers, Bluehost is the best choice as it is very affordable and reliable. Most of the WordPress bloggers use Bluehost for web hosting. Its beautiful features help your site to rank on search engines, especially Google. Want to get a discount on a hosting plan? Clink the recommended web hosting provider, Bluehost. I recommend you choose the basic plan if you are a newbie.

Why don’t you try the below-mentioned guide for beginners? It’s really awesome

Now it’s time to move ahead.

Step# 01: Create your hosting and domain account and login from your Cpanel. You can do this by entering the URL name and a password for your site. Ignoring the things related to the theme, now you should click on the “Install” option.

After doing this step, you will receive the success notification on the top header to indicate the successful installation of WordPress software.

When you click on the confirmation link, then you can log in. Congratulations!

Step# 02: Now, it’s time to design your blog using excellent WordPress themes. The best part is that you can also create your articles and upload them. It’s up to you to choose the paid theme or the free one depending upon your niche. Moreover, you can change your composition whenever you want.

For changing or installing the theme, you have to log in to your WordPress website and go to the Appearance menu. You’ll quickly find the “themes” option. You will see thousands of free themes and can also add a new piece there.

But remember, you have to choose the theme that matches your interest and suits your niche.

Step#03: Move ahead to customize and optimize your blog. Although you can do it in various ways, here I am going to stick with the essentials.

Blog functionality can be significantly enhanced by using the WP plugins. They allow you to add many custom features like sliders, advertisements, footers, and pages. Content- protector plugins are also available.

For doing all this, open your theme and click the customize option. Menu options will appear on the sidebar, and you can adjust everything as per your needs. Publishing all the settings will be a clear indication that you’re done.

Step#04: it’s time to come to the real point. You have to express your power of creation and content ideas. If you do brainstorming, keyword research before starting work, you can easily target your audience. For example, if your topic is about cooking, make it narrower, and find what things are highly in demand. Ahrefs, semrush is famous online tools that can help you in this regard. So I recommend you make a list and keep the keyword density up to 0.5-01 maximum.

You can do this easily by clicking on the “posts” option and adding the New option on the WordPress dashboard.

An editor will appear where your blog post will display, and other useful sections will also help you organize your basket

When you complete composing and creating your first blog post, click the push button, and publish your post.

Step#05: Now, you’ve learned everything about “how to start a blog and make money online, it’s time to become visible to the global audience. Using this technique, you can make vast amounts of money. In short, it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps you to make billions of dollars by ranking your site and bringing the organic audience.

Many factors count in the ranking of your site, like traffic, backlinks, domain age, and this all is part of SEO.

One of the beautiful plugins of WordPress is Yoast SEO, which will check the SEO level of your blog post. Some significant efforts for SEO optimization include On-page and Off-page SEO, massive backlinking, promotion of unique and attractive content, keyword research, and checking daily SERPs and managing them accordingly.

Using white hat techniques is also an inevitable thing, but please keep in mind avoiding using shortcuts.

6. Now it’s time to Make Money from Blogging

After knowing how to start a blog and make money online, you should learn to be consistent and determined. It can take weeks and even months for dollars to come into your pocket, but it is worth it.

Don’t forget to create an editorial calendar, effective guest posting, and engaging and updating your audience regularly.

Concentrating on unique and engaging content creation is the key. You must learn beautiful content creation before learning how to start a blog and make money online.

Very soon, your audience will start responding to you, and you will enjoy blogging and making money with blogging.

Although SEO is a bit of time taking process, it can benefit you in the long run. There is nothing more critical than rightly focusing on the SEO of your blog and rank it on Google.

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