In which bedding do you sleep the best?

Best Bed Sheets for Sleeping

When it comes to sleep, it’s about relaxation, health and well being that you can only find in your own bed. But the needs for optimal sleep change with the seasons and with your personal preferences.

Freeze easily? Are you allergic? What is the difference between percale, satin and flannel? We would like to facilitate your search for the perfect bedding for you and give you a brief overview here.
In the following you will occasionally read the term “thread count”, but what does that mean? The thread count, TC for short, indicates how many threads per inch are present – on the one hand the vertical warp threads and on the other hand the horizontally running weft threads. One inch is 2.54 cm, so it’s the number of threads per 2.54 cm². The higher the thread density the denser the fabric is woven and the finer the yarn. It makes it supple, shiny and durable. Linen linen bedding 100% linen bedroom. Link How do i choose best surveillance camera?

What are the best sheets to keep you cool at night?

You want a breathable and cooling bed linen and tend to even sweat at night fast? Then the natural linen material is just right for you. Linen is permeable to air, can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet and dries again very quickly, making linen bedding in the summer perceived as cooling.

Best Bed Sheets for Sleeping

3 Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

Linen lovers appreciate the natural structure of the fabric, which is the result of the irregular thickening of the natural fibers and is a characteristic feature of linen.

For our linen bed linen only European flax is processed. This linen is extremely durable, tear-resistant and durable. The fabric is very smooth and therefore skin-friendly and lint-free. Linen is anti static to this, repels mites and does not attract dust, making bedding made of linen ideal for allergy sufferers.

What are the most comfortable bed sheets?

Anyone who loves the feel of smooth, flowing and supple fabrics on their skin is well advised to use satin bedding. The fabric is wonderfully soft and due to the weave, called satin weave, creates a shiny surface and a matte bottom.

To make satin, 100% long-staple (long-fiber) cotton is woven into a shiny, silky smooth and breathable material suitable for all seasons. To be able to speak of satin, the fabric must consist of at least 220 TC (thread counts). Our satin collections have at least a thread density of 280 TC.

Best Bed Sheets for Sleeping

3 Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

What should I look for when buying bed sheets?

Do you prefer breathable bedding that is soft and smooth? Then Perkal is the right choice around the year. Made of 100% cotton, our percale has the great qualities of cotton: breathable, moisture-regulating and durable. The difference to the “normal” cotton fabric is the thread count (the thread count). Cotton percale has a yarn density of at least 200 TC and finer yarn, which makes it feel soft but at the same time firm and smooth, but without the gloss of satin. Perkal is hard-wearing, easy to care for and is very pleasant in the summer months due to its cool grip.

Are 100% cotton sheets the best?

You want linen as soft and cozy as your favorite T-shirt? Then you are in the right place with jersey. In contrast to all the above-mentioned fabrics, jersey fabric is knitted from 100% cotton and is extremely light and elastic thanks to the finest mesh. Jersey is very soft to the touch and next to bed linen also particularly popular as a fitted sheet due to its flexible fit. The material is completely non-iron, very breathable and extremely easy-care.

Best Bed Sheets for Sleeping

3 Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

Those who freeze quickly should opt for flannel sheets, especially in winter. The surface of the velvety soft cotton fabric is roughened in the production whereby the spaces between the fibers store a lot of air. The material consequently isolates our body heat very well. The result: pure comforting warmth. Flannel is also known as beaver and offers not only its easy-care and breathable properties, but also another advantage: as it has hardly any wrinkles after washing, ironing can often be dispensed with

Are Egyptian cotton sheets worth it?

Those who like it airy and uncomplicated should treat themselves to pure cotton seersucker bed linen. Seersucker fabric has a relief-like pattern of smooth and gathered stripes during the weaving process due to warp yarns that vary in tension. Thanks to this crepe-like surface, the fabric never lies completely on the skin and allows for optimal air circulation, which prevents excessive sweating on warm summer nights. But even on cooler days, this property ensures an optimal sleeping environment and is thus recommended throughout the year.

Seersucker is especially easy to clean and the creped structure makes ironing superfluous – perfect for those who like to sleep a bit longer.


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