Remote Case for Apple


Product description

The soft case makes the remote easier to hold ! A Must-Have TV Remote Protector! 

Soft Silicone Remote Case
The silicone sleeve gives the remote a very nice grip and extends the length mostly 
and a touch of the width, much easier to hold.

Unique Design Suitable for Apple TV 4K / 4th Gen Siri Remote Controller 
If you own apple tv 4th / 4K, you’ve found that the ATV remote is very, very easy to drop into your couch. 
It’s also really slippery in your hand too.This little case cover solves that problem. It has a nice texture and grip, 
and makes the remote much easier to handle, and less likely to fall into the couch.

Easy to determine top and bottom 
This silicone case covers up the glass part on the front, 
makes it much easier to determine which side is up from a glance.

Full Access 
This remote case provides full access to all ports, buttons and functions, 
custom cutting on the case allows all functions of the remote are open for use.

Full Protection
This remote cover is Kids friendly and light weight, provides the maximum protection, 
anti-slip, anti-dust, shock proof and washable

The lanyard is removable and has a locking clasp to cinch it down tight on your wrist. 
And it’s strong, provided with this case is more than substantial

The ideal hooks for your house.
The hook has a very strong adhesive that can hold on to almost any surface.
Adorable holder for your remote case
This makes things easier when fitting and you will not need to damage your wall drilling 
when installing or removing the hook from your wall.

Easy to Install
No tools or wires required. Just slide the TV Siri Remote into the silicone case.

Package Included:
1 x Remote Protective Case, Black 
1 x Lanyard, Black 
2 x Self adhesive hooks



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